Monday, January 16, 2012

What is this world coming to?

One of my friends on facebook posted a video about gay rights, i dont know this person very well, in fact, i havent talked to her in a few years, so i dont know if she is gay, or is just ok with it.  

I watched the video, and it was heartbreaking.  The video began in the 50s with a news anchor saying "a majority of americans are anti gay, and those who are pro gay, keep there mouth shut so they dont get beat up" (not word for word, but thats basically what he said)  Just that right there is wrong.  Sure, we shouldnt be in favor of the gay community, but is beating them up the answer?  Well, idk if it is or isnt, but it shouldnt be our first choice, our first choice should be to pray that God gets a hold of there life, and brings someone along to help them with the sin.

Then the video continues, and each news article kept on getting a little more tolerant,  gets to modern day,  and shows how the media, and the world really, has opened their arms to gays.  They are accepting it as "well, they were born like that, so its ok."  How in the world is it ok?

As a Christian, it makes me mad that someone can think its ok.  But then I remember they arent christians,  but as an american, it also makes me mad.  Sure, we are the land of the free where you can choose to worship the way you want to, which means you dont have to serve my God, you can serve yours.  But our founding fathers would be rolling in their graves if they knew what we were doing to their country.  Our nations founders werent all christians, but most of them understood this nation would fall without God.  Well, we are kicking God out of our country, and look where we are going.  Bankrupt.  Politicians cant agree on anything.   The life of some baby ducks, and wolves are more important than the life of a human baby!   In my opinion, this nation will not last if we dont get right with God.

In the 50s, if a ladys legs were shown on tv the show wasnt allowed on tv.  Now one of the biggest shows on tv is jersey shore, I dont watch it, never have, never will, but the girls have nothing on from the commercials i see.  The morals in this country are sad.  We need a overhaul, starting in our hearts.  If we as citizens put God back where He belongs, in the center of this country, our debt problem will go away, our families will last, drugs wont be as big as they are.

God doesnt hate gays, he doesnt hate the doctor who kills the baby, he doesnt hate the drug dealer, he doesnt hate the actress who doesnt wear much, he doesnt hate those in government.  He hates homosexuality, he hates abortion, He hates it when we do damage to our bodies, He hates it when we lust after someone, and He hate hates it when a girl dresses in a way we lust after her, He hates some of the laws our government makes.

I love America, I really do.  Im glad I live in a place that I can express my opinion without fear of getting arrested, but if things dont change, that freedom will be taken away.